The Difference

We produce both real and fake documents. You just need to be sure which one you need. Both real and fake documents are produced using cutting edge technologies, the same high profile softwares and equipments used by governments and other authorized contractors they hire for their document needs. However, real documents are registered while fake documents are not. That’s the ONLY difference. In terms of paper quality, graphics design, print quality, look/feel and security features, they are both the same. This means you can examine both a real passport and a fake passport we offer and won’t be able to tell any difference between the two or between them and another obtained at the passport office. The only difference between a real document and a fake document is that we use our extensive network to get the real document registered in their corresponding databases so that they can be confirmed by anyone verifying on those databases. A fake document, though having the same quality and features as a real document, is just paper and ink. It will pass all verifications except database checking since it is NOT registered on any database.

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